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At Calm we have the very best search engine optimisation strategies. As a digital agency, we worship at the altar of Google, using SEO to increasing your online credibility, authority and give your website the best chance of success.

A good search engine optimisation company understands that you really do need to be worshipping at the Altar of Google because 98% of web searchers in the UK are using it.

When was the last time you looked in the Yellow Pages for anything? Our search engine consultants will develop a good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) programme for you, including strong, naturally written on-site content that is written around pre-defined key search terms, and offsite article creation, inward link creation and social chatter. Google will measure your website's relevance by the quality of your content, and its importance by the quality of your referring links. It also measures your website’s look and feel, accessibility and optimisation across all devices, as well as the amount of chatter, or people name-dropping your brand and website address on social media.

Our SEO experts will ensure that all the bases are covered and to give you the best chance of being seen - and clicked on - by your audiences.

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