SaaS Development

When planning a SaaS application, our development team will ensure they can comfortably handle the scalability, capacity and robustness of your new application.

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What is SaaS?

Software as a service (SaaS) is a licensing or subscription-based model which customers can access over the internet on any device. The software is centrally hosted in the cloud and there is no requirement for hardware to be installed by the customer.

Using this method has a number of benefits to consumers, whether that is individuals using software for private purposes, or businesses. Tasks related to accounting, invoicing, sales and communications can all be performed through Software as a Service.

The benefits of developing a SaaS application for your business, often mean users subscribe to the software, rather than purchase it, meaning you have a guaranteed revenue stream each month.

Do you have an idea for a SaaS application and are not sure where to start?

Are you building the next Slack, Spotify, or Salesforce?

We consider multiple concerns beforehand when architecting the system, for example:

  • Can additional storage be added?
  • How will an increase in usage be accommodated? ​
  • How will new features be deployed without customer intervention?

One great advantage of a SaaS application development solution is that it can be connected to any other system. We do this by application programming interfaces (APIs), which allow systems to seamlessly talk to each other, this means it can also be available to third party developers who might need to extend the capabilities.