Pay Per Click (PPC)

Increase conversions to your website with our PPC and Google Ads campaigns. Whether building new campaigns or refining existing ones, we can help.

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Intelligent campaigns with proven results

Pay Per Click (PPC) is highly regarded as one of the most efficient ways of generating new leads and traffic for eCommerce, B2B and B2C businesses online. Whether you're running a small start-up or managing an international corporation, PPC has a proven ability to generate meaningful leads and sales for your business.

Why choose Calm as your PPC agency?

We create, implement and manage tailored paid search campaigns across all paid media platforms - from search engines like Google and Bing, to social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. When combined with a strong SEO strategy, our PPC services will provide your business with the correct formula to succeed online. 

Google Ads Management
Google processes over 8 billion searches per day, and dominates the search engine industry with a market share of almost 92%. The use of search ads ensures your business is displayed to users searching for your products and services, this is the simplest and quickest way to increase your brand visibility. We'll work with you to implement a Google Ads strategy that is suited to your business' needs. Our expert team will then manage your campaigns, provide monthly reports and keep you up to date with any recommendations.
Keyword Research
With different industries comes different keywords. Our digital marketing team has provided PPC strategies to clients in almost every niche - from independent clothing brands and catering companies to heavy plant machinery resellers and cloud software consultants. We understand the importance of utilising the most effective keywords that resonate with your target audience, ensuring your budget is fully optimised.
Maintenance & Optimisation
Once your ads are past the 'learning phase', it's time to take a look at the results they're achieving. Depending on how they're performing, we may need to refine your keyword targets, ad copy, budgets and bids in order to maximise conversions. Ongoing optimisation is a crucial aspect of any PPC campaign. Our digital marketing team has the skills and experience to manage this process. We will utilise the valuable data gained from your PPC campaigns to optimise your ads wherever necessary.