Training in the workplace is changing. Custom eLearning saves time and money. Whatever your training or learning and development needs, our highly trained experts can help to bring your vision to reality!

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What is eLearning software?

eLearning software, allows you to deliver instructions and courses via the internet, company intranets and other platforms.

Training is constantly evolving and adapting in the workplace, bespoke eLearning software is designed to help save your business time and money. Taking advantage of the digital revolution means that content can be accessed and shared in real time with the use of smartphones and tablets in addition to a regular desktop PC.

Do you need to deliver training that is efficient, measurable and engaging?

Studies show that learners want relevant information that is personal to them. They want to do this on a range of devices, at their own pace and to be able to revisit to refresh what they have already learned.

All platforms can be accessed through a website or can be created using specialist apps which facilitate learning on the move. Records of the training given or assessments completed can be stored, raise warnings or issue reminders, all of which help with auditing and regulatory duties.

Using stimulating design, our e-learning experts can create platforms that will meet objectives and required outcomes. Never boring, this can be achieved in any number of ways, be it bite size learning modules, use of film and interactive activities or complex dashboards that make use of 3D models and 360 video. These are just some examples but either way your learner will be engaged and that makes them more likely to retain and use the information.