eLearning For Sustainable Living

One Planet Living

Traditional classroom learning can be time consuming and admin heavy. Calm developed a bespoke eLearning software system to aid One Planet Living in their council led initiative to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly living.   

The Challenge

The One Planet Living award was created by BioRegional, a leading international environmental sustainability charity, which has been adopted across all services provided by the town.

Middlesbrough Council were seeking an eLearning training tool to help support the rollout and continued success of the One Planet Living programme.

The brief required a user-friendly dashboard, the ability to serve static learning materials and individual user profiles to track progress on modules. The platform also needed to incorporate a quiz element, to test knowledge and determine the success of the course along with presenting an award of completion.

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The Solution

Calm developed a bespoke eLearning training tool, designed with the goal of delivering a rich, engaging learning experience for all participants.

The web-based platform incorporated a back-end dashboard, built with individual logins that would hold specific training data and progress of the qualification. Tailored interactivities were designed and built to thoroughly engage the user and keep them interested.

The platform was developed in Python using the Django framework for it’s flexibility and ability to scale for future requirements.

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The Results

The completed project was a sophisticated web-based eLearning system, that met all the needs of the brief.

Since completion, Middlesbrough Council has had multiple user types immersing into the One Planet Living framework, helping all members of staff work towards the common goals laid out by the programme.