The World Health Organization Recruitment System

World Health Organization

Global constitution, World Health Organization approached us for expert consultancy and development expertise in creating a world-class recruitment software system for international vacancies.


The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialised agency of the United Nations, concerned with international public health. The global establishment enlisted the expertise of our team to provide consultancy and development skills to build a recruitment system and integrate into Oracle’s Taleo Cloud Service.

The project was not only to manage the front end development and integration between systems, but also provide advice and delivery on the user experience and interface design, along with ensuring consistency with brand guidelines.


Our delivery team travelled to the WHO headquarters in Geneva, to further develop the working relationship with the management team and gain a better understanding of the existing process.

Our expert team of design specialists got to work to map out the most efficient user journey for the new recruitment system. This process involved prototyping draft wireframes and working through each phase with the client to refine designs and make them as user friendly as possible.

The development team then worked closely alongside Oracle to develop a CSS skin over the TALEO system and deliver an easy to access recruitment platform fit for global use.

The project resulted in a bespoke recruitment system, making the process simple for any candidate to apply for a vacancy online. The new software system is a lot more efficient for the organisation, which is now used on a global scale to handle the recruitment of all new employees.