Online Advertising

At Calm we have the Cost Per Click consultants and we have the Pay Per Click and retargeting experts that will implement search engine and social media marketing campaigns that will dramatically increase the amount of eyeballs on your website.

Our search engine marketing consultants and digital marketers will work with you to create a list of relevant keywords or search terms to target and plan a PPC campaign. We will manage this strategy on your behalf, reporting monthly on progress and return on investment.

Our digital marketing experts can look at search engine marketing such as PPC & CPC. We can assist with affiliate marketing / retargeting on your behalf, which put simply is 'ads that follow you around the internet'. We are finding that social media platforms such as Facebook are offering an unparalleled ability to drill down to a specific target audience with advertising and re-marketing. Our retargeting consultants will ensure that your advert is seen again and again by your target customers.

The ultimate success of the campaign is always dependent on your website’s conversion rate and your average sale value. We will work with you to increase your web conversion rate over the campaign period and tailor the campaign to ensure you’re getting the very best return on your investment.

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