Utilise the Power of Digital Marketing - COVID-19

23rd Mar 2020

In light of the current circumstances around the coronavirus pandemic, it is more than understandable that businesses are anxious about their futures. However, one positive to take from this unprecedented time is the amount of time that audiences and potential customers will be spending online. 


As self-isolating and social distancing measures increase further in the coming weeks, it is obvious that more people will be turning to online stores for not only essentials, but treats, and home comforts. As the weeks go by this is sure to be a time where more hours are spent browsing the internet for things we didn’t even know we needed.

With the impact that Covid 19 is having on certain industries resulting in job losses and causing huge uncertainty for large numbers of people, it is clear why businesses may be considering cutting back where they can. However, now is the perfect time to be investing in the digital footprint of your brand, especially keeping your website up to scratch. 

As more potential customers will be stuck at home, twiddling their thumbs when they’re not working from home, it is inevitable that they will turn to the internet for a browse. Ensuring that you continue to incorporate digital transformation and marketing into your businesses strategy to cash in on the predicted increase in use of online services and the resulting online sales.   

Investing in a website update during such an uncertain time may seem like not the best idea, but as the demand for online services increases, it may result in your business being left behind. A businesses ability to deal with this dramatic increase in online demand will rely on the digital infrastructure which they have in place. Failing to continue to invest in the online side of your business may leave you lagging behind your competitors as the coronavirus influx continues and in the longer term as businesses try to recover. In such uncertain times, it can be extremely hard to know what is best for your business, so doing everything that you can to keep afloat in the long term when a hint of normality returns is vital.

Even making smaller beneficial changes to your business’ website or digital marketing strategy which you had been putting off previously could be the turning point in your business benefiting from this unprecedented situation. Digital transformations are never meant to be rushed or pushed through in a short period of time, but again, using this time to make small changes could be just the difference between surviving the climate of this outbreak or being left behind.

With almost every aspect of business and our lives turning to online during this period, there may be more of a longer-term impact on shopper behaviours and new habits and routines becoming reality. Customers may continue to opt for online services rather than returning to the physical stores that they used to visit. 

Obviously ensuring that your business remains profitable and sustainable in the short term as well as the longer-term, looking at such a negative situation with a positive outlook can be hugely beneficial. Using this opportunity to get creative with your overall business strategy, website or digital marketing could be just what sets you apart from some of your competition.

If you would like to have a chat about how to incorporate digital into your business or build upon what you already have to get in on the action, then get in touch with the team here at Calm Digital who will be more than happy to support you.