Tees Tech Partnership Award - Calm Digital Winners

7th Sep 2020

We were shortlisted for Tees Tech Partnership at the Tees Tech Awards and we WON!

It’s been an exciting few weeks here at Calm, although we couldn’t put on our glad rags and get merry, we virtually watched nominations and winners for the Tees Tech Awards 2020.

We were up against some amazing local businesses who had contributed to some great partnerships, but on this occasion, we came out on top! 

Project Brief 

Working alongside 202 media, the team at Calm Digital produced a bespoke site induction platform that can be delivered remotely to clients, staff and visitors, combining digital expertise with health and safety induction knowledge.

Our robust digital platform enables our clients to save time, money and increase efficiency by providing visitors with an easy induction process. The platform has been key to attracting an impressive client portfolio from a range of business sectors.

Following the recent success and recognition for Calm at the Tees Tech Awards. We are pushing forward with the rebranded version of our induction platform, Calm Inductions.

Calm Inductions is an online induction platform that will support any business, within any industry with online inductions. The main aim of the platform is to assist businesses in adopting paperless processes, increasing efficiency and saving valuable time and money.     

Our online platform allows users to be fully inducted after completing an induction remotely which is designed to be entirely bespoke to each business. The platform is perfect for any type of induction process, for all industry  sectors. From introducing COVID19 measures to manual handling requirements, our platform is perfect for ensuring that all compliance and regulations are adhered to. 

With decades of experience, we have a proven track record in a vast range of industries, enabling us to offer each of our clients a tailored service and platform to induct your users anytime and from anywhere. 

If you’re looking to make your induction process more efficient and work alongside an award-winning company, then contact us today for a demo and more information.