Simple Interventional Radiology Training Tracking Solution


Calm Digital were tasked with the design and development of a secure online resource to make it easier for everyone to track their training in one central location that can be accessed from anywhere.

TIRTL Logbook

Calm Digital were approached by Dr Neil Gupta, the West Midlands Deanery IR Training Program Director, with an interesting dilemma that he had found.

He wanted to ensure that all of the training and expertise is logged somewhere and is accessible with ease as there was no standardised version for this task. Previously our client found that all trainees have been using an excel spreadsheet, word documents or just plain notebooks to track their progress.

The interaction for the user was simplified for the purpose of speeding up the process. As an example, users set up an account with;

  • Their name
  • Their year of training and which Trust/Hospital they were currently based.

Leading to auto-fill their year of training and their Trust/Hospital (from their profile) and date (changeable but defaults to today’s date), but then they input:

  • The procedure type (dropdown list)
  • The actual procedure (dropdown list)
  • Level of supervision (dropdown list)
  • Trainer (free text)
  • Comment (free text).

This data then would be populated into their logbook.

TIRTL Logbook
TIRTL Logbook

Subsequent pages within the platform would be information pages but also pages which display their inputted data in tables showing numbers of procedures in each procedure type, by levels of supervision etc and then allow them to produce “reports” as and when required.

Every time a doctor moved to work in a different hospital or went into the next year of training, they would need to update their profile which would ensure the pre-filled data in the “procedure entry tool” was always correct.

The project carried out by Calm in order to design and develop the platform was a very smooth and transitional process and the management was delighted with the final output.

The platform was launched by BSIR in 2022 and has been a great tool for both the trainees and the management involved.

We are already discussing plans to develop the platform further as it has generated a lot of momentum in quite a short space of time. The platform is planned to be integrated with NHS, and there are future plans to introduce the platform to health services across the world.

TIRTL Logbook