Online Software For Festive Marketing

Advent Calendar Online

Advent Calendar Online is a powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) marketing tool, helping worldwide businesses to increase sales, revenue and social engagement over the Christmas season.

The Challenge

Advent Calendar Online is a product of Calm. The challenge was to help enhance Christmas marketing activity for businesses of any size, in any industry. Whether this is to gain more leads, increase sales and revenue, grow social media following or generate repeat traffic to a company website.

The solution required the ability for companies to capture marketing data, receive a follow on social media or share with friends in exchange for offering an incentive. The tool needed to be customisable to reflect the clients brand, whilst offering a degree of flexibility with the incentives they would offer.

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The Solution

The solution was ‘Advent Calendar Online’, a festive themed microsite to be used as a powerful marketing campaign in the countdown to Christmas.

Advent Calendar Online allows organisations to hide content behind windows, much like a traditional advent calendar. The tool allows companies to add discount and voucher codes or give away freebies in exchange for capturing marketing data from visitors.

Each advent calendar can be designed bespoke, to match the exact requirements for a client, or for those on a smaller budget, a DIY template service is also available.

The platform can be integrated onto a clients website using an iFrame, or hosted on a unique URL, and is very simple for website visitors to access and use.

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The Results
Calendar Visits
Calendar Entries
Social Referrals