Conferencing & Help Desk Software

Wilton Centre

Booking meeting rooms and managing helpdesk enquiries can be an admin heavy task. Wilton Centre who operate Laboratory and Plant accommodation, required a bespoke software platform to replace their restricted outdated system.

The Challenge

Wilton Centre was looking to cooperate with a technical partner who would maintain and build its complexed software platform. The new system would be used to manage conference bookings and a helpdesk facility.

The current system is very outdated and does not operate from the cloud, therefore it is extremely restrictive, meaning no other employee can log in and manage these enquiries remotely without having the software installed on their computer.

Wilton Centre requires their new system to be flexible and future-proof, capable of having new features added to the system as needed.

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The Solution

The team developed a tailored cloud based software solution for Wilton Centre, ensuring that users can log in from any location at any time across all mobile and tablet devices.

The system was built with a simple, easy to use interface, capable of dealing with help desk and conferencing queries. Users could easily update the system with new tenant information and pricing details. Tenants can now email the help desk and log any problems, issues or enquiries they may have with their office space.

To new platform has been built to be scalable and capable of having additional development carried out to implement new features to further increase efficiency.

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The Results

The implementation of this system reduced the manual input required when enquiries were sent. By automating this process it has increased efficiency and reduced admin time, freeing up staff to take care of other business.