BoOoOo-st Your Business with Email Marketing

2nd Oct 2023

The leaves are starting to change, and there's a chilly breeze rolling in, which can only mean one thing - it is finally October. We're ever closer to the spookiest celebration of the year: Halloween!

So, how will we dazzle our audience with a brand-new email campaign? Well, you have the whole month to decide.

Spookify your socials and go out there and boo-st that business of yours. The upcoming festive season has the ability to really push traffic and engagement to your business, but only if you utilise it properly.

No matter what your target audience is, be it elderly folk, children, or even families, everyone and anyone loves this time of year, which is why so many consumers will go insane over special offers and scarily good products that are up for grabs.

It isn't enough to just deck your shop out in pumpkin buntings and fake cobwebs; in today's day and age, it's vital you use the internet to your advantage, and that's where email marketing comes in.

Now, not everyone is a fan of subscribing to an email newsletter; more often than not, some may just ignore it or delete it altogether. However, there are people who will open and click, and that makes all the difference.

So, to get you in the frighteningly festive spirit early this month, we've compiled some go-to tips and tricks for your spookiest email marketing campaign yet. It's bound to make your customers scream - in delight!

Plan Ahead

Planning is the key to success, which is why you have to put all of your blood, sweat, and tears (only figuratively, of course!) into such an extensive marketing campaign.

It is important to remember to target the whole month rather than just October 31st - we get it; Halloween is a big deal, but not if there isn't a build-up to the big day! It is time to think longer term.

By creating yourself a handy calendar or planner, you can consistently schedule when your emails will be sent out to subscribers. Committing to this will allow your customers to engage more with your content and remind them of your business throughout the rest of the month.

A Devilishly Good Design

Decorating and dressing up is one of the most exciting parts of Halloween, and the same goes for your email marketing campaigns. You're going to need some seriously spooky designs if you want to stand out from the crowd.

So, once the planning is out of the way, you'll need to get yourself on to an email marketing software like Klaviyo and create as many different designs as possible - got to give yourself that edge, don't rely on the same old design for a month straight.

From animated visuals and GIFs to videos and high-quality designs, you're going to want to dazzle your customers whilst also convincing them to shop with you, and something plain just won't cut it, not when you have pumpkins, spiders, and scary witches at your disposal.

Spooky Subject Lines

If you're not a fan of puns, then cover your eyes because it's about to get spooktacularly cheesy. In all seriousness, an engaging subject line is exactly what you need for an event like this.

It needs to be a bit toe-curlingly cringeworthy but be fun and engaging at the same time. When you receive an email, the subject line is going to be the first thing you see, all bold and in-your-face; it is the make or break of an email. If it isn't interesting, the audience will just scroll down or swipe it off to the deleted folder.

Whether it's a fangtastic offer that you want to promote or monster savings, it's all part of the plan. To get the most out of your email campaign and all of your hard work, you should try matching your subject line to your email design. Keeping things consistent but fun plays a big part in your overall success.

Utilise Social Media

Email marketing is extremely effective when it comes to engaging your audience and maximising conversions - but don't knock social media out of the running just yet. Combining the two together, like toffee on an apple, is a great way to reach a broader market.

One of the simplest social media platforms to utilise is Facebook. With over 3 billion users, Facebook continues to dominate the industry - so where else better than to promote that business of yours! This platform has a 'subscribe' button, which allows users to sign up for your email subscription in just one click, all from your Facebook profile page.

Although that might be a good way to influence more people to subscribe to your newsletters, let's not forget about social media posts as a whole. Using the Meta Business Planner, you can schedule multiple posts across Instagram and Facebook well in advance. Remember to keep them spooky-themed, with the same oomph you gave those subject lines.

Don't be afraid to kick it up a notch, either; you could add videos, gifs, and graphics to make them stand out. If you're committed to the (witch)craft, then why not embed that same video into your future email campaign - the possibilities are endless.

A Creepy Conclusion

Halloween is one of the year's biggest events, and it continues to prove that utilising this spooky season can only improve your revenue and engagement.

As a result, email marketing outshines all the other methods of marketing as a primary channel for all things Halloween and discounts. You are in control of everything; you can customise your newsletter in a way which suits your needs as well as your brand.

With these useful tips and tricks, you can reap the benefits of this scarily good strategy - it's a win-win. We can't wait to see what macabre marketing that you've been inspired to create.