Is Your Business Set Up to Engage Employees?

29th Jan 2019

Employee morale and retention go hand in hand. Happy employees perform better, remain with your business for longer and contribute to a positive working environment. Whilst there is a wide breadth of factors that contribute to employee happiness, quite often it boils down to the basics.

One of the biggest causes of employee turnover is a lack of engagement. By making employees feel like they are part of something far greater than “just a job”, you are able to empower your employees, giving them a greater sense of responsibility.

Whilst handled by HR, implementing an innovative and digital HR intranet not only helps with these factors, but it also enables your business to carry out many processes with ease.

Here are some ways in which your business could benefit:


Processes are streamlined

The role of an intranet and streamlining processes isn’t to replace humans with automation. Instead, it’s to reduce the time spent on mundane admin tasks, allowing staff to spend more time doing what they specialise in.

A HR Intranet can streamline regular processes by incorporating self servicing for managing documents, onboarding new starters and reducing the need for emails and meetings.

Between staff, line managers, or HR personnel, the automation of these tasks - plus many other processes that sit within your business, free’s everyone time up to take care of more important matters.


Boosts recognition and reward

Recognition is essential for driving productivity at any workplace and traditional methods rarely witnesses high visibility in the organisation, but this is easy to do this with your intranet.

It provides an excellent platform for recognition and strengthens the culture within your organisation, engaging people from all departments much faster than traditional offline approaches.

  • It creates a culture of transparent communication.
  • You can facilitate peer-to-peer recognition
  • ​Public recognition increases accountability.

Recognition is displayed on the intranet and broadcasts accomplishments.


Improves employee engagement

Processes which are made simple and quick to carry out, transparency regarding performance & reviews, along with clarity over their perks and benefits all help to engage employees in a positive way. Through accessing these all in one dashboard, HR management can ensure that all personnel matters are handled in an open culture approach.

As well as receiving safe and secure dashboard notifications from line managers, each employee can track their own performance, when their reviews are due, holiday management, training, absence management, along with a whole host of other functions.


Identifying issues before they become problems

Small issues, left unattended, eventually become big problems. Whether this is lateness, absence or underperformance. Left unmonitored can fester into a very uncomfortable conversation or bad review between a member of staff and manager.

An Intranet system can provide full transparency to both staff and management. This transparency between both parties allows an informal discussion to take place early on, to discuss any potential problems that may be arising.

The above are just a few examples of creating a positive impression and a far better culture within your organisation.


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