Intelligent Renewal Software


Managing thousands of renewals can be time intensive and difficult to manage. RenooIT required a custom-built Software as a Service solution (SaaS) to streamline the renewal and support process for IT resellers.

The Challenge

renooIT is a cloud based system designed to simplify and support the process for renewals and support packages online. US based, renooIT approached us with a challenge to redesign the user journey and experience of the platform, whilst also rebuilding the technology from the ground up.

It was important that renooIT was easily accessible on any device and catered for multiple user types, such as agents, resellers and OEM’s

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The Solution

The bespoke solution was achieved through a blend of user-friendly simplistic interface design, backed up by a complete list of working features that were developed bespoke for this project.

The development team built modules to notify agents when clients were due to renew a product, along with providing agents the ability to send quotes digitally and manage price lists online.

Through agile development and regular communication with the client, the delivery team were able to gather and implement feedback efficiently, ensuring that all functionality met the specifications and robust user testing was carried out.

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The Results

Implementing the renewal system has increased efficiency company-wide, generating a higher rate of renewals.

Using the new developed solution, renooIT has transformed the way agents manage their client renewals, making the process far easier for client retention and upselling.

Resellers can now quickly and simply manage their renewal package prices through the easy to use dashboard, which was developed with simplicity at the core.