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Giving you and your team the know-how and tools to connect with your customers online using a tailored mix of social media channels. Our Public Relations campaigns ensure that you communicate with your target audience helping maintain a positive image for your organisation.

At Calm we understand that managers in the Digital Sector are under constant pressure to achieve KPIs based on social media engagement and activity.

We’ll help you find where your target audience are hanging out online, and support you while you get in there with them, gaining more awareness, followers, likes, shares and mentions for your brand. There’s a lot to get your head around with all the social channels on offer and we can help you devise the right plan and give you tools that make it simple to manage.

As part of our digital strategy consultancy and digital marketing delivery service, we will help you get to grips with how to build a persona based on your brand values and personality, positioning your product or service in the social media marketplace, how to start meaningful conversations with your target audience on social media, how to build loyalty and trust, and how to generate leads using social media. All of this is based around a digital strategy and social media activity plan that is tailored to the needs of your organisation.

The social media channels you adopt will vary according to what type of engagement you wish to achieve with your audience.

Our training teaches you how to create a community with Facebook, broadcast to a wide net and grow awareness with twitter (while avoiding common pitfalls that can damage your brand’s online reputation), share great video content with Youtube, Vine and Instagram, show off your products with Pinterest, and evidence your personal/company credentials and credibility with a LinkedIn profile and Organisational page.

Our mission is for our social media trainers to up-skill your workforce so that your activity is “owned” by your staff and therefore becomes more natural. The training sessions are tailored to your organisation, your audiences and your KPIs - what you need to achieve. Over a set timescale the social media trainers can help you with content planning as well as implementing social media policy and procedures.

We can can teach you how to manage the whole process including keeping track of activity and also how to scrutinise the measurable outcomes in order to visually see what it is achieving in the business.

In addition to your social media strategy being on point, a strong PR game is also desirable to the digital savvy organisation. Working with PR specialists allows you to communicate to your target audience and ensures that overall reputation is held in high regard. This can be done directly or indirectly through media campaigns including blogging, content writing, press releases to name a few. Calm can help ensure that a positive image and a strong relationship with your customers is a given and promotion of your brand is our number 1 priority.

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