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Engage your workforce, streamline your workflows, improve document and personnel management and increase efficiency with the Calm intranet.

The Calm Intranet gives your organisation the edge. It easily engages your workforce and Increases efficiency within teams, improves workflow for existing tasks, allows for collaboration and sharing while communicating company news and events across your organisation. Calm has implemented local and global intranets to companies looking for a more efficient internal communications platform. Our intranet product is modular, and may be tailored or scaled up to meet the needs of your organisation. We have created large-scale document repositories with search and filter features, personalised news feeds and filters, and a policy and procedure signing system that ensures your organisation is legally protected and much more.

The Calm Intranet is a licensed product that may be altered or bespoke to your requirements. It's built on open-source technology that allows for rapid scalability, accommodating your business requirements and keeping your workforce engaged.

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