Search Engine Optimisation

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Got a new or existing website with very little or no traffic, because customers don't know how to find it?

As part of our SEO service, your campaign will consist of three key areas to deliver the best results for your site:

Technical SEO
This is the process of optimising your website so we can help search engines access, crawl, understand and index your website without any technical problems. A report, or site audit like this will provide insight into some of your site’s errors or warnings. At this stage we check for elements such as low page speed, missing or duplicate metadata, broken links and ensuring your site is optimised for mobile.

Before an offsite content strategy is even considered, your onsite content needs to be addressed. Onsite content refers to all page content on your website which needs to be Google-friendly to attract target customers and generates conversions.

Our SEO team will then carry out extensive research into relevant news, topics and events that can support an SEO campaign and work well in terms of online coverage.

A strong backlink profile is crucial to a successful search campaign. Our ethical approach to outreach allows you to enjoy a natural listing, and won't put your site at risk of penalisation.

These links not only improve your organic rankings, but they increase and strengthen the brand awareness of your business.

SEO is not only about optimising your website for search engines, it’s also about improving user experience too. Well-structured, clean, and decluttered websites encourage a visitor to stay longer, therefore decreasing bounce rate and increasing conversions.