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What We Did

Redcar Racecourse is a local institution. So when we were tasked with a re-brand we were so proud. Being from the local area we really wanted to nail this one and get it perfect for the client. The work we produced has the potential to be seen by thousands of people be it at the track or on the TV screens at home. On top of this Redcar required us to work on their web platforms so the exposure that the brand would potentially get is pressure then! We love a bit of pressure here at Calm and we are proud to say that we delivered. The branding was perfect as it appeals to all the stakeholders who are associated with the racecourse, be it corporate attendees or the every day punters who like 50p e/way on the one with the nice colours. It also looks amazing online. That is what we do at Calm! We look at everything associated with the brand and produce beautiful, professional work that reaches out to everyone. Place your bets now please!
Redcar Racecourse Logo
Redcar Racecourse Logo
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