Calm Supports Words For Work

Calm Supports Words For Work

We love getting involved in local community drives and educational programmes at Calm. Whether it’s offering opportunities for work experience placements, taking part in local charity events or speaking at business expos, we’re always up for getting involved in worthwhile causes and giving back to the community where we can.

Over the years we’ve provided numerous work experience opportunities to colleges and schools throughout the Teesside area. Most recently our Digital Marketing Manager, Adam Foster, has taken part in an educational development scheme for year 9 students at Macmillan Academy, in association with the National Literacy Trust.

Words for Work is a programme ran by the National Literacy Trust, which aims to develop literacy and communication skills amongst school children, to help ready them for the workplace.

Students were mentored over a 4 week period by a range of volunteers from various industries, including our Digital Marketing Manager, Adam Foster.

The programme was delivered to year 9 students at Macmillan Academy to help build their confidence, verbal skills and prepare them for taking part in work experience and real-world interview settings.

Samantha Lambert, literacy co-ordinator at Macmillan, commented on the positive impact that the programme has on students “the programme definitely has helped to develop their confidence when speaking to both strangers, and working in groups”.

The programme contained a range of group activities for students to take part in, including interview preparation, question & answer sessions, workplace roleplays and designing & delivering presentations.

Students that took part were separated into small teams and were mentored by volunteers from industry. Volunteers were on hand to be the subject of student-led interviews, along with helping students plan and prepare presentation material.

Our volunteer and digital marketing manager, Adam, commented: “Volunteering our time to help Year 9 students with their speaking, interview and presentation skills has been a privilege… Teesside is an amazing hub of digital talent, with the majority of Calm Digital's staff made up of people who were born and studied in the area, so it’s good to help shape the next generation of talent”.

The Words For Work programme is organised and ran by the National Literacy Trust, a not for profit organisation that has been running for 25 years.

The organisation helps support children from a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds, to help enhance oral and written skills to give them better learning and working opportunities. In 2017, the Trust supported over 108k school children via their programmes across 3,685 schools.

If you want to know more about the National Literacy Trust, you can visit their website here:

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