Want to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out on Google?

Want to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out on Google?


Have potential patrons eating out of the palm of your hand.

Single Platform have completed a study to learn more about the impact of online research into restaurant choice. The study was carried out across 1,497 consumers that owned a smartphone. The results showed that over the last 6 months, 81% of consumers searched for a restaurant on a mobile device, and 92% through a browser before deciding where to eat.

They reported that 80% of consumers considered seeing a menu before choosing where to eat a deciding factor, and 62% of all respondents said they would be less likely to choose a restaurant if they were unable to read the restaurant’s menu on a mobile device.

It’s a well known fact by now that the more information you provide your users, the higher your CTR (click through rate) is likely to be.

Google My Business - The Latest Update!

Google have recently rolled out a new feature with restaurants in mind.

While previously restaurant owners could add a link to their menus within their listing, or use the Google My Business API or third party menu services, they have now made it possible to build a structured restaurant menu that will show within mobile search listings within Google My Business.

Instead of going through the Google My Business API or third party service, the listing can be added right within your Google My Business page, by going to the ‘Info’ tab.

‘New Editor’ will allow you to carry out far more functions than ever before. Restaurateurs are now able to add titles, descriptions and prices of all menu items, and the menus can be broken down into different sections such as starters, entrees, drinks and desserts.  

When you efficiently maintain your Google My Business account, you make it easier for Google to improve your visibility on Maps and in search results. Details you include in your Google My Business page will also be shown in local search results meaning you’re providing locals (who are presumably your key target audience) with the most information possible. In providing information such as real time opening hours, directions, your phone number and your menu, you’re making it easier for your potential patrons to make the decision to convert.

While in theory this may seem like a minimal change, it has huge potential to increase conversion rates for the restaurant/ hospitality sector, because it removes the ‘stopper’ of having to leave Google Maps, wait for the in-site menu to load and return for directions or other required information.

What Else Can I Do to Improve My Traffic and Conversions?

While it’s not appropriate for all industries, it’s perfectly acceptable for restaurants to submit their listings to relevant directories and third party sites such as Yelp or LocalEats and various apps, as people will commonly read reviews before picking where to eat.

Additionally, it’s recommended to show 360 images or videos of both the outside and inside of your restaurant. This lets your potential customers view a ‘virtual tour’ of your restaurant before they even arrive so they know what to expect. If they like what they see, this is likely to increase your footfall!

Especially amongst millenials, there’s no stopping the phones on the table and spending time taking photos rather than eating. While this may be a kick in the teeth for your hard-working chefs, it’s actually good for your business - let your customers do your marketing for you!

Make sure not to slip on social. Many people will look for your social accounts to browse images of what your food and drinks are like, they’re looking for that ‘social proof’. Keep it up to date to pull in new customers, and use it as an efficient marketing tool to regulars to remind them to keep coming back.

Keep your website content accurate and up to date. This could be as simple as introducing a new menu item each month and blogging about your newcomer or explaining why the old favourites are so special!

Being able to order online and have your food delivered is one of the key marketing tools restaurants can use. If this just isn’t an option, you should at least provide your customers with the opportunity to book online. The easier you make the conversion, the more chance you have of the customer completing the conversion. It’s that simple!

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