A Rewarding Project - The Commonwealth War Graves Commission App

A Rewarding Project - The Commonwealth War Graves Commission App

When it was confirmed that the Calm team had been chosen to develop a mobile app for The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, it was definitely a memorable moment!

The CWGC were looking for a company who could develop an app to help them "spread a wave of remembrance", as part of their 100th Anniversary campaign held on the 11th November, #HoldHighTheTorch.

We were referred to the CWGC's marketing department towards the end of 2016 because we had recently completed work on a mobile app centred around geolocation, AR technology and social sharing, along with work on projects such as:

  • Supporting the World Health Organization with the design, development and integration of a new HR & recruitment system

  • Developing member platforms for Medical Societies such as The British Pain Society (BPS) and The British Neuroscience Association (BPS).

  • Producing Christmas marketing campaign tools for global brands such as HolidayPirates, Lindt Chocolate and Butlins to help them increase website visits, grow their marketing list and increase social media followers.

With such a diverse portfolio of digital solutions, it was decided that we were a natural fit for this project.

A little bit about The CWGC...

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) honours the 1.7 million men and women of the Commonwealth force who died in the First and Second World Wars and ensures they will never be forgotten.

This year marks The Commission’s 100th anniversary, with their aims being just as relevant now as they were in 1917:

  • Each of the dead should be commemorated by name on the headstone or memorial

  • Headstones and memorials should be permanent

  • Headstones should be uniform

  • There should be no distinction made on account of military or civil rank, race or creed

It is just as important now, 100 years on since the end of World War 1, to continue to commemorate and remember those who fought for their country and lost their lives at war.

With 2017 marking such a special milestone for The Commission, it is only fitting that they have planned to organise their biggest global remembrance ever.

The Project Summary:

Honouring and remembering those who sacrificed their lives during the two World Wars is something that should never be forgotten. In an age of social media that allows a picture of breakfast to go viral by lunchtime, there is no reason why this platform cannot be used to "spread a wave of remembrance" – the tagline of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC).

The app will help raise awareness of the importance of paying tribute to our servicemen and women, provide information on the work that the CWGC does and also allows the public to easily donate to the Commission's newly created charity - The Commonwealth War Graves Foundation (CWGF).

The Brief & Our Approach:

The CWGC needed a mobile app that would allow users to do the following:

  • Hold aloft a torch displayed on their mobile device

  • Take a photograph

  • Add a torch sticker to their image, changing the colour and size of it

  • Add a branded frame to the image, containing the campaign hashtag #HoldHighTheTorch

  • Share to all major social media platforms

  • Make a donation

  • Register to be a supporter of the Commonwealth War Graves Foundation

  • Provide info about their cause and the 100th anniversary

The project had to be completed by a specific deadline, allowing their media and marketing team ample time to incorporate the app into their campaign.

From the initial contact, this was a project that Calm Digital wanted to be a part of, aligning with the agencies ethos and corporate social responsibilities. The Teesside-based agency has a wealth of experience in providing solutions to charities and organisations pushing good causes, such as the Butterwick Hospice, Burning Nights and numerous medical societies.

Calm Digital were able to produce a bespoke solution, tailored to the budget and time frames, to fulfil all requirements.

The "Hold High The Torch" app was built for iOS and Android, with a design that married the CWGC’s branding with a clean and clear interface, allowing for the easiest user experience possible.

A crucial part of the brief was to make the app as accessible as possible, so that users from any generation would have no difficulty navigating and using the app.

The process of editing a photo and then sharing it to social media was designed to be seamless and easy to use. The brief also called for the app to allow users the ability to donate, in a non-intrusive or overly presumptuous manner.

Information pages were built into the app, allowing anyone users to find the key information, and learn more about the good work that CWGC have been carrying out for the past 100 years.

Working to the strict deadlines and milestones laid out in the Commission's campaign brief, the CWGC were in need of regular updates on the project.

Calm Digital provided daily updates during crucial periods of the project. Daily communication made reacting to feedback and implementing changes a speedy and efficient process.

The End Result

The app was completed and made available to download from the app stores on 26th September 2017.

The app will be an integral part of the CWGC "Hold High The Torch" 100th-anniversary campaign, helping to spread a wave of remembrance. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is encouraging people to gather on Remembrance Day, November 11th, taking group photos or selfies and sharing these across social media via the app.

Liz Woodfield, the CWGC’s Director of Information and Communications, said: “For 100 years, the flame of remembrance has been a defining image for the CWGC. It forms part of the Commission’s official seal and symbolises our commitment to remembering those who died in the two world wars, today, tomorrow and forever.

“Hold High The Torch is designed to build on that legacy, and we want you to take part.

“Calm took our brief and instantly understood what we wanted and needed. They worked to a tight deadline to deliver an app that we believe will engage with people of all ages, across the world.

“We are excited to be using today’s technology to remember those who died a century ago.”

If you would like to take part and help spread the wave of remembrance, head over to the app store and search for "Hold High The Torch".

For more information about The Commonwealth War Graves Commission visit https://www.cwgc.org/

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